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Get Prepared, Not Scared

Audit Review in perspective ?
Get Prepared, Not Scared 

At Kalspec, we provide urgent audit help and support

You're currently going through an audit or an inspection, and you're worried about it ?

We know audits & inspections can be Very Stressful.

We're here to help you get prepared.

In fact, 

  • being aware of how auditors think and work,

  • being aware of what auditors are looking for,

  • being aware of the rules auditors need to comply with,

deeply impacts the efficiency of your preparation, and might therefore significant consequences on the outcomes of the review.

Don't Worry, we're here to help

Our team has seasoned Internal Audit Directors having extensive experience in conducting Inspections and Audit reviews within large financial and multinational groups.

As we have conducted countless numbers of audits and interviews, we intimately know the way auditors work. We are also used to rapidly pinpointing weak areas of an organisation, and therefore give you a chance to address the main issues even before a review is launched. 

We can help you get prepared to Audit or Inspection Review

  • We can review the weak points of your department / service, discuss their potential severity, and identify the best ways to address them before the assignment is started. 

  • We can also assist you throughout the review process and advise you in your interactions with auditors/inspectors.

  • We can also perform "dry-run" audit reviews together, where you can have a chance to use our experience. In these sessions, you are being tested as if you were in a real audit or inspection review. The goal is to ensure that you are ready to face an audit and to identify areas that would need more preparation. 

Identify Weak Points

Assist throughout process

Perform "Dry-runs"

Get Prepared, Not Scared !

What We

Immediate Access

​Book an online consultation with our seasoned audit experts at a moment's notice. We understand the time-sensitive nature of audits and are committed to being available when you need us.

Expert Guidance

Benefit from the insights and experience of professionals who have led internal audits in large and complex organizations. Our team provides sharp analysis and pragmatic solutions tailored to your unique situation.

Peace of Mind

Navigate the complexities of an audit with confidence, knowing you have a trusted partner ready to assist you with urgent challenges and critical decisions.

Strict Confidentiality​

Your trust is paramount to us. All consultations are conducted with the utmost discretion, adhering to stringent confidentiality protocols to ensure your information remains secure.

Flexible Support

Whether you need a brief consultation or ongoing support throughout the audit process, our service is flexible to meet your specific needs.​

How it  Works ?


Request a Consultation

Use our secure online booking system to request an immediate consultation.


Receive Tailored Guidance:

Get personalized advice and actionable recommendations to address your urgent audit-related concerns.


Connect with an Expert

A seasoned audit professional will promptly connect with you via a secure video or phone call.


Optional Follow-Up Support:

If needed, arrange for ongoing support to ensure continued success throughout the audit process

Get Prepared, Not Scared !

At Kalspec, we recognize that audits and inspections can be unpredictable and stressful. Our Urgent Audit Support service provides a lifeline, offering immediate, confidential, and expert assistance to help you navigate challenges with clarity and confidence.

Get Prepared, Not Scared !

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