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Real-World Successes

Discover how our expertise has driven tangible results in complex business environments. These anonymized case studies showcase our hands-on experience and the value we bring to our clients. Please fee free to contact us should you want to have more details, testimonials and references.

Convergence of a Large Internal Audit Function within a large multinational Group:

In a major multinational group, we spearheaded the transformation of a 600-member audit department. This involved liaising with multiple stakeholders, including legal, IT, HR, and finance teams, ensuring a seamless transition and convergence of the internal audit function.

Strategic Review of a Large multinational entity:

At the behest of the top management of one of the world's leading corporations, our mission was to conduct a strategic audit review of one of its global entity. The primary objectives were to assess the company's strategic alignment, evaluate the robustness of its governance framework, and to assess its risk exposure. Our approach encompassed:

Strategic Alignment Assessment: We meticulously analyzed the company's strategic initiatives, ensuring they were in sync with its overarching vision and mission. We identified areas where the strategy might deviate from the company's core objectives and provided recommendations to realign.

Governance Framework Evaluation: Our team delved deep into the company's governance structures and processes. We assessed the effectiveness of its governance mechanisms, ensuring they provided the necessary checks and balances while facilitating agile decision-making.

Operational Efficiency Analysis: We examined the company's operational processes, pinpointing areas of vulnerability and inefficiencies that could pose potential risks.

Stakeholder Engagement: Engaging closely with key internal stakeholders, we presented our findings and collaborated on potential mitigation strategies, ensuring that the insights were actionable and aligned with the company's objectives.

Post-Acquisition Due Diligence for Seamless Integration

After a significant acquisition by a multinational corporation, we were brought in to ensure a smooth integration of the newly acquired entity. Our role involved:

Financial Analysis: We conducted a thorough review of the acquired company's financial statements, identifying any discrepancies and ensuring compliance with the parent company's financial protocols.

Operational Synergies: Our team assessed the operational processes of the acquired entity, identifying areas of synergy and recommending optimizations for seamless integration.

Cultural Alignment: Recognizing the importance of cultural fit, we facilitated workshops and training sessions to ensure alignment of values, work ethics, and business practices between the parent company and the acquired entity.

Risk Mitigation: Potential legal, operational, and financial risks associated with the acquisition were identified. We provided actionable recommendations to mitigate these risks, ensuring a successful post-acquisition transition.


Strategic Risk Analysis for a Key Projects

For a critical business programs, we conducted an in-depth risk analysis, identifying potential challenges and offering actionable solutions. Our insights were pivotal in ensuring the project's success, safeguarding significant investments.


Driving Transformation in a Complex Environment

As transformation leaders, we successfully navigated the complexities of large-scale changes in a multinational setting. Our approach ensured stakeholder alignment, efficient resource allocation, and the achievement of strategic objectives.

Audit Preparation & Confidence Building

In anticipation of a major internal audit reviews, we provided managers with mock audit services. This not only identified areas for improvement but also equipped the team with the knowledge and confidence to face the actual audit, turning potential challenges into growth opportunities.

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